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Network Skins: Azartia Poker, bwin, bwin Premuim, bwin.be, Danske Spil, DTDPoker, Empire, gamebookers, ITV Poker, Party Poker, Party Poker.dk, Party Poker.se, WPT. PartyPoker regional versions, such as partypoker.fr, partypoker.es, PMU The international version of PartyPoker (downloaded from partypoker.com) is not supported. This is due to PartyPoker's restrictions on hand histories PartyPoker Tournoi 300382644 Participants:863 Buy-in:5. Rake:0.5 Devise:USD Type de jeu:H Structure:NL Drapeaux:ME PartyPoker Tournoi 303424080 Participants:486 Buy-in:50. Rake:5.0 Devise:USD Type de jeu:H Structure:NL Drapeaux:SAT,ME PartyPoker Tournoi 30038687 PartyPoker(FR-ES) Tournoi 297566200 Participants: 190 Buy-in: 90.0 Rake: 10.0 Devise: EUR Type de jeu: H Structure: NL Drapeaux: 6MX,B,ME PartyPoker(FR-ES) Tournoi 29756618

PartyPoker(FR-ES) Tournoi 304170647 Participants:124 Buy-in:45. Rake:5.0 Devise:EUR Type de jeu:H Structure:NL Drapeaux:B,ME PartyPoker(FR-ES) Tournoi 300385971 Participants:106 Buy-in:27. Rake:3.0 Devise:EUR Type de jeu:H Structure:NL Drapeaux:6MX,ME PartyPoker(FR-ES) Tournoi 304171565 Participants:297 Buy-in:18. Rake:2.0 Devise:EUR Type de jeu:H Structure:NL Drapeaux:B,ME. SharkScope ist ein fantastisches Werkzeug für alle Turnier- und Sit'n'Gos-Spieler Was genau ist SharkScope? Dies ist eine Website, auf der die meisten Sit'n'Gos und Turniere aufgelistet sind, die online gespielt werden. Zu den erfassten Pokerräumen gehören (die Liste ist nicht erschöpfend)

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  1. To block your username from public view - which includes yourself, fill out all the information below and hit the submit button. Note: You will immediately be sent an email where you will be required to click on a link to complete the opt out procedure. If you do not click this link, your username will not be blocked! If you do not receive this email please check your spam folder and contact.
  2. Отслеживайте вашу покерную статистику и избегайте акул. SharkScope является самой полной базой данных имеющихся результатов турниров по покеру. Она охватывает практически все сайты по онлайн-покеру
  3. Acompanhe suas estatísticas de poker e evite os tubarões. SharkScope é o mais completo banco de dados de resultados disponíveis de torneio de poker e cobre praticamente todos os sites de poker online
  4. Tenez vos statistiques de poker et évitez les requins. SharkScope est la base de données la plus complète qui soit en ce qui concerne les résultats des tournois de poker et comporte de manière virtuelle tous les sites poker en ligne

Tournaments, Partypoker, Sharkscope, Pokerstars, 888Poker Poker is a game of information. The more data on opponents we have, the more likely it is to prevail over them. The converse is also true Lleve un registro de sus estadísticas de poker y evite a los tiburones. SharkScope es la base de datos más completa de resultados de torneos de poker y cubre prácticamente todos los sitios web de poker virtual Sharkscope ist eine Webseite, auf der man grundsätzliche Informationen über andere SnG-Pokerspieler abrufen kann. Sharkscope ist eine eigenständige Seite, die unabhängige von den Pokerräumen öffentlich verfügbare Informationen über online Pokerspieler zusammenträgt und standardisiert darstellt Sharkscope alternatives. Sharkscope is not the only database that tracks tournament poker results. There are other sites like Sharkscope. The other two most commonly used are Officialpokerrankings.com (OPR) and Pokerprolabs.com. OPR is a free database, but unfortunately, since 2019, they track only Partypoker tournaments. So if you are mainly. partypoker LIVE; How to Play. How to play poker MyGame Poker Hands Texas Holdem Omaha Short Deck. 18+. T&Cs apply. Play responsibly. SPINS. Overview. Our latest SPINS millionaire... SPINS $1M. SPINS Ultra. New SPINS experience on Mobile. We've created even more action! It's the perfect game for players in a hurry! SPINS Ultra is a turbocharged version of SPINS, where faster blinds and.

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PartyPoker Tournoi 304459187 Participants:2 Buy-in:989.36 Rake:10.64 Devise:USD Type de jeu:H Structure:NL Drapeaux:ST,HU PartyPoker Tournoi 304459050 Participants:2 Buy-in:989.36 Rake:10.64 Devise:USD Type de jeu:H Structure:NL Drapeaux:ST,HU PartyPoker Tournoi 30445909 Sharkscope arbeitet mit jedem bekannten Online Pokerraum der Welt zusammen und tracked die Ergebnisse schon seit über 1 Jahrzehnt. Alles was man benötigt um die Ergebnisse eines Online-Spielers zu checken, ist der Nickname und den Anbieter wo dieser spielt. Neben den allgemeinen Statistiken bei denen man sieht wie viele Turniere ein Spieler gespielt hat, dass durchschnittliche Buy In und wie. PartyCaption is an incredibly multifunctional program for the most comfortable game, both for a professional player and for an amateur. A huge number of features and settings allow you to automate all imaginable actions when playing poker online, as well as to receive almost any information about the current situation at a particular table or about a tournament being played, without having to.

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  1. Brand new partypoker Millions Online starting 3rd December!!! $5 million GTD prize pool and $1 million for the winner You can play, just enter a satellite for only $0.01..
  2. PartyPoker Torneio 266760964 Rede:PartyPoker ID do Torneio: 266760964 Skins de Rede:Azartia Poker, bwin, bwin Premuim, bwin.be, Danske Spil, DTDPoker, Empire.
  3. Also ive found that Sharkscope does not track everything. Ive emailed them to ask why and they couldnt tell me. For example invitational tournaments and freerolls that i play in and dont cash are tracked the exact same tournament.. i play in, if i cash in it, sharkscope doesnt track it.. While most freeroll and invitational tournaments have a small prize pool
  4. Sharkscope zeigt folgende Grafik für meinen Account bei PartyPoker an: Irgendwie stimmen die Zahlen nicht ganz mit meinen effektiven Resultaten überein. So habe ich auf den 1ern bei Party 192 Stück gespielt (mit einem Totalverlust der Bankroll von 50$), erfasst wurden offenbar aber nur ca. 60 Stück davon. Der Rest sieht so aus, als ob es.
  5. No Download Needed so Giddy Up and Play! All Games Unlocked and Free. Turbo Speed Tables. Share a Beer with Other Players When You Win; It's Only Right. Have Fun & Play Fast

PartyPoker Tournament 279750851 Entrants: 8 Buy-In: 19.12 Rake: 0.88 Currency: USD Game type: H Structure: NL Flags: T,DN PartyPoker Tournament 27976462 Network Skins: ACFPoker, bwin.fr, PartyPoker.fr, PMU Recent Tournaments PartyPoker(FR-ES) Tournament 287033617 Entrants:713 Buy-In:0. Rake:0.0 Currency:EUR Game type:H Structure:NL Flags: PartyPoker(FR-ES) Tournament 28703378

Sharkscope das Poker Tool um Turnierspieler zu checken Sharkscope ist ein Seite die sich darauf spezialisiert hat alle Ergebnisse von allen Arten des Turnierpoker zu speichern. Jedes Sit&Go Turnier und jedes MTT wird in Sharkscope festgehalten und die Daten sind für jedermann zugänglich The SharkScope HUD is PC or MAC software that you download to your computer. It acts like a conventional HUD (PokerTracker 4, Xeester), but is tournament oriented. The advantage of this HUD is that it displays site statistics directly on your tabl PartyPoker(NJ) PartyPoker.it; PlanetWin365-Pro-IT; Poker Baazi; PokerClub; PokerStars (FR-ES-PT) PokerStars(NJ) PokerStars(PA) PokerStars.in; PokerStars.it; Spartan Poker; SvenskaSpel ; Winamax.fr; In their own words, SharkScope lists 99.9% of the sit'n'gos and tournaments played online. The site offers 5 free searches per day with a limited amount of information available about our opponents. SharkScope Desktop & HUD Software Overview Die Seite SharkScope.com ist bei Pokerspielern für ihre phänomenale Datenbank mit Online-Pokerturnierverläufen bekannt. Diese Datenbank enthält sowohl Turniere als auch Sit'n'Gos, die in einer Vielzahl von Online-Pokerräumen gespielt werden Online casino no limit roulette, Sharkscope Partypoker, Lucky vip casino Thunder valley. Here's a few frequently asked questions regarding travis scott coupons? Typically, airlines must have your luggage for your needs at that time. Not only are you able to see and encounter new places and ethnicities, you increase your viewpoint on the planet generally. Debretts house of commons and the.

Sharkscope Poker Results Manager - 2021 review of the game-enhancing software. Learn how Sharkscope can up your profit and help you grow your bankroll Sharkscope is a site that specializes in saving all results from all types of poker tournaments. Every Sit&Go tournament and MTT is recorded in Sharkscope, and the data is accessible to everyone. Sharkscope works with every known online poker room in the world and has tracked results for over a decade We are making partypoker an even fairer place to play! Offering more rewards, more training, and fairer rake - all designed to level the playing field. You are currently on partypoker.com. Visit our New Jersey website here to register and play for real money. Powerfest #14 - Mini Knockout Weekender Day 1A: $100K Gtd. $33.00 buy in. Starting in. 10 Hours. 18 Minutes. 53 Seconds. Play now. Poker.

Sharkscope is a website where you can check the stats of yourself and other Sit and Go poker players. Sharkscope is an independent site that collects publicly available information about online poker players at different poker rooms. We give an introduction about this great website for Sit and Go players and provide you instructions on how to use the data from Sharkscope to increase your edge. Sharkscope ist eine Website, die seit Jahren die Ergebnisse von Online-Turnieren bereitstellt. Wir haben uns in ihrer Datenbank umgesehen und Spieler mit einer interessanten Pokergeschichte gefunden. Hier sind unsere 10 beliebtesten Poker-Grafiken: 1: Was ist zu tun, nachdem Sie den

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  1. PartyPoker; Revolution Poker; Winning Poker Network (America's Cardroom, etc) Using the Diagnostics; Settings. Hand History Folders; Currency; Language; Other; HUD (Head-up Display) Poker Rooms; SharkScope ; Import / Export Preferences; Using Poker Copilot. Filtering hands; Reporting a calculation error; Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) Video.
  2. These statistics are fetched from SharkScope's website while you play. Ability The Ability rating is a rating that goes up to 100 and shows a player's ability based on an assessment of all the other statistics we have compiled for that player
  3. Sharkscope is essentially the largest database of online poker tournament results, with 900,000,000 tournaments on Pokerstars alone in there. The site covers a massive range of sites and networks, including PartyPoker, 888Poker and GGPoker just to name a few, meaning it's more than likely you'll have statistics available on your preferred site
  4. PartyPoker does not make your tournament results available on your computer in a form Poker Copilot can read. We've experimented with trying to deduce this information from hand history files. However our findings showed that this information was not reliable, consistent, or always available. Therefore PartyPoker tournaments will be missing your winnings and your ranking. Your bankroll will.
  5. Sharkscope stats are an essential attribute of any professional poker tournament player. The service collects 99.9% of the statistics of all poker tournaments played online. No serious regular player in MTT and Sit&Go can do without Sharkscope. The service itself also does not stand still and is constantly evolving. Initially, it was just a site where you could write your opponent's nickname.

sunny8555 PartyPoker - SharkScope Poker Player Statistic

  1. Partypoker versucht nicht mal so etwas zu verstecken. Es ist eindeutig sichtbar und auch beweisbar, allein schon durch die Mathematik. Und trotzdem leben die das so aus. Und wieso macht da die MGA nichts. Ich kann nur jeden Spieler raten nicht mehr einzuzahlen, wenn doch, dann beweise zu sammeln und dann rechtliche Schritte einzugehen gegen Partypoker - auch gegen die MGA falls Sie sich.
  2. SharkScope expands coverage again! PartyPoker (NJ) and the ever growing Aconcagua Poker Network have been added to our tracking. PartyPoker (NJ) is a mainstay of the New Jersey poker market and..
  3. PokerNap: Hi zusammen, aktuell nutze ich HM2 als Tracking-Software und Sharkscope via Webseite, um Infos über die Spielstärke der Gegner zu erfahren. Im Abo ist ein Sharkscope HUD enthalten. Für mich wären die Infos der ABIs und Profits von Spielern am Tisch wichtig, möchte aber weiterhin meine HM2-Stats weiterhin nutzen. Nutzt jemand dieses HUD und ist es möglich, HM2 sowie Sharkscope.
  4. DELETED_432385: moin zusammen gibts noch andere seiten wo ich für sng sehen kann wie die leute spielen bzw wie deren graph aussieht ? hab keinen bock für sharkscope zu blechen und such halt noch seiten wo ich zusätzlich noch mehr eingaben als die 5 pro tag machen kann :
  5. Boosteda: achtung an alle sharkscope-user: in verbindung mit pokerstars sollte sharkscope nicht genutzt werden. ist auch (neuerdings?) in den AGBs von pokerstars vermerkt. gestern abend auf pokerstars gezockt, nebenher auf titan und dabei den sharkscope HUD laufen lassen (aber nur für titan, bei stars funktioniert der HUD eh nicht!). nebenher hatte ich auch die sharksope-seite mit der.
  6. SharkScope's tools don't stop at a web site, however (and fortunately). SharkScope is also a software that you can download and install on your computer (software named SharkScope Desktop & HUD). The advantage of this software is that it will allow you to display in real time the information on each of your opponents. The advantage is of course.

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Sharkscope has long been an indispensable tool in the hands of any more or less serious player in MTT and Sit & Go. It is not surprising - due to the large number of unknown opponents in tournaments, Sharkskope service that helps to quickly identify an opponent and choose the right strategy for playing against him. In 2013, the 888 poker network made a decision that forbade Sharkscope to. To minimise the use of your SharkScope search quota, each villain's info is only fetched once from the SharkScope database. The information is stored on your computer until either 24 hours have passed since you first saw that villain. Note that if you restart Poker Copilot the villain information is refetched

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New SharkScope Desktop Enhancement just arrived! This update shows: Work-arounds for PartyPoker's newly anonymized cash game tables for Hand Tracking 888poker: Better HUD support for BLAST.. The full SharkScope stats are still in the main HUD popup window, but we've added this way to get to the most important stats. Other Fixes: Added auto-detection of PartyPoker tournament results for USD-denominated tournaments Added detection of PartyPoker preferred seat for 8-max tables Improved detection of PartyPoker hand history file partypoker LIVE; How to Play. How to play poker MyGame Poker Hands Texas Holdem Omaha Short Deck. Win $1,000,000 $5 buy-in. Play now. 18+ TCs apply. SPINS. Overview. Our latest SPINS millionaire... SPINS $1M. SPINS Ultra. New SPINS experience on Mobile. You could become a MILLIONAIRE in minutes! SPINS is a 3-handed turbo Sit & Go tournament featuring a random prizepool multiplier between 2 and. New SharkScope Desktop Update Along with Enhancements we have an important fix that addresses the new PartyPoker update that temporarily made the HUD have glitches. We have now addressed those.. Bewerten Sie partypoker wie schon 357 Kunden vor Ihnen! Ihre Erfahrung kann anderen helfen, informierte Entscheidungen zu treffen. | Lesen Sie 21-40 von 357 Bewertunge

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PartyPoker.it Torneo 73018046 Rete:PartyPoker.it ID torneo : 73018046 Skin rete:4A The Poker Suite, bwin.it, GiocoDigitale, Intralot, PartyPoker.it Nome: Concorrenti. Ich habe meinen letzten Post mit meinen Sharkscope Statistiken zum Anlass genommen, mir mal die Sharkscope Leaderboards 2010 genauer anzuschauen. Zum Zeitpunkt als ich die Leaderboards anschaute war das neue Jahr 2010 ziemlich genau 100 Tage alt. Wer Sharkscope.com nicht kennt: Auf dieser Seite kann man Sit and Go Statistiken zu sich und anderen Spielern abrufen PartyPoker Турнир 300383423 Участники: 1480 Бай-ин: 15.0 Рейк: 1.5 Валюта: USD Тип игры: H Структура: NL Флажки: B,ME PartyPoker Турнир 30346409 I have been playing poker for a long time for my own pleasure. Last year I started practicing regularly but it's hard myself. I understand that I am missing something Screen name 1: Jumper(Partypoker) Nikola_777(888) Gunners_86(Partypoker(old) Nikolai7(Ps) jump.er(pokerKing

2020 - Any SNG - Any Stakes - Лучшие 500 стриков. Классификация Игрок Страна Сет Explore Our Online Casino Games And Sports Wagering Anywhere In Canada. Get $20 Free To Play Slots, Blackjack, Roulette And Video Poker. 100% Deposit Match Lasize: Kann man sich bei partypoker von den trackingseiten wie sharkscope sperren lassen kann? und warum hat partypoker im gegensatz zu pokerstars 10 Spieler pro Tisch Máscaras de red: ACFPoker, bwin.fr, PartyPoker.fr, PMU Torneos recientes PartyPoker(FR-ES) Torneo 291807126 Participantes:2 Compra:4.73 Rake:0.27 Moneda:EUR Tipo de Juego:H Estructura:NL Indicadores:T,HU PartyPoker(FR-ES) Torneo 29150216

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partypoker nj bonus code wsop.com bonus code poker sites . 888poker bonus code partypoker bonus code run it once bonus code ggpoker bonus code natural8 bonus code global poker bonus code pokerstars review more. mor PartyPoker Torneo 297569317 Participantes:185 Compra:30.0 Rake:3.0 Moneda:USD Tipo de Juego:H Estructura:NL Indicadores:B PartyPoker Torneo 297569316 Participantes:197 Compra:30.0 Rake:3.0 Moneda:USD Tipo de Juego:H Estructura:NL Indicadores:B PartyPoker Torneo 29756490 sharkscope configure player classes on sharkscope, you might see a player with a shark icon next to their name. they get these icons by hitting a certain criteria. for the big shark, its I have opted in to SharkScope because I was curious what my full stats look like. The information there was not completely correct though, because I have played some tournaments with free tickets. The player name could not be found in the SharkScope database. Not opted in The player has not opted in. Certain networks require players to take action before all of their statistics are able to be shown publicly on SharkScope. If you encounter a player with this icon, it means that this player has not yet opted in and so, depending on that.

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Without hand histories, PartyPoker players have lost the only tool for tHEM to help identify possible cheating, bots and collusion. Without hand histories, PartyPoker players can no longer effectively review and audit their playing history. Without hand histories, PartyPoker is much less accountable to their players There is thepokerdb, SharkScope and now StarTracker. At first they seem like they provide an edge, but after using them for awhile, you might not think they are actually helping your game. I have been using these databases for a while, and at first, I felt the same way, however, recently I have found them to be useful, up to a point. If you are focusing on the ROI numbers for players, then you. SharkScope has been tracking and collecting information on online poker players since 2002 and have not stopped since. They gather statistics from all the major poker clients. With this tool you can identify possible fish that can help boost your bankroll. More importantly with the built in HUD, the tool pulls through all the player information it has and overlays it neatly over your opponents. Since PartyPoker is a major site, most poker software supports them. Any software that is broken by an update from Party is likely to be quickly patched so that you will be able to use all of your favorite helper programs to improve your play and win rate. Overall, the PartyPoker software is solid and functional without any unnecessary flair. PartyPoker also has spreads a fast moving poker. PartyPoker; PokerDom; PokerStars; Revolution; SkyPoker; The Hive; WPN; Стоит сказать, что список далеко не полный. В нем представлены только самые основные румы. Полный список можно увидеть на главной странице ресурса. Результаты в большинстве рум

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Poker download: after downloading and installing partypoker... Step 1. Create your account. Simply enter a few basic details and pick a username - you're on the way to playing poker! Step 2. Start playing. With tournaments and cash games running 24/7, there's a game for you! Beginners might want to start with our free games, before progressing on to real money tables. Plus look out for. Network Date Type Stake (incl. Rake) Position Profit; PartyPoker: 2019-09-15: No-limit-Holdem: 22$$

Passive poker - Definícia a lexikón pokeru1Обзор SharkScope HUD: узнай все про своих оппонентовLes pires graphs de sharkscope - Page 68 - La communauté

888 Forces Removal of all Data from Sharkscope Tourney dataminer forced to pull all historical data from the website, as 888 rejects any form of opt-in compromise. 888poker has forced popular public tournament tracking site SharkScope to stop tracking all its poker tournaments, and remove all historical data. According to a post published on the official SharkScope blog on Wednesday, 888. You can meet me by playing the buy-ins between $11-215 online on most known poker sites like PokerStars or PartyPoker. My goal is to get a major score for example SCOOP or a WSOOP title and become financially independent to play higher stakes. Additional info. Favorite WSOP tournament: Main Event $10K: Favorite WCOOP tournament: Main Event $5K: What are the player's goals for the next year. Sharkscope poker service has long been widely known to all poker players. It stores 99.9% of the results of all Sit & Go and MTT tournaments. Over 20% of tournament poker players constantly use Sharkscope. Such a popularity of the service is not surprising - in short online tournaments any information can play a key role 2021 - Any SNG - Any Stakes - Prom. ganancia mejor racha (500) Class:SNG;Type!:J;Date:202

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